#KREWECHATS Episode 5: Workspaces and Lead Partitions

Level 10
Level 10

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So it seems like all the cool kids are using (or at least know about) workspaces and partitions, but there’s not a whole lot of information to help out those of us who are in dire need of seeing them in practice. And as we all know with Marketo, there are about a billion different ways to go about doing something and still get it done correctly. Today, we’re hoping to get into at least a little bit more use-case detail about both workspaces and partitions, when it’s best to use on or the other (or both), and hopefully get into more detailed Q&A.

Some questions we asked included:

  1. What are workspaces and how do they differ from lead partitions?
  2. What’s a use case (ie: why would you want a lead partition)?
  3. Can anything be shared across partitions?
  4. So let’s say a lead exists in two partitions and proceeds to fill out a form. Does their information get updated in both partitions?
  5. Can partitions sync to multiple SFDC instances?
  6. How do you deal with shared data?
  7. How do companies standardize on naming, program statuses, etc considering the other division might be around the world operating as different businesses?

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