How to Track Tokenized Links in Email Assets

Version 4

    Issue Description
    Link(s) placed into Email(s) by a Token is not tracked and does not show successful click activity in the lead/person record.


    Issue Resolution
    Sometimes there are situations in which URLs, and other content, are placed in emails by using {{tokens}}.


    When Marketo sends emails, you can think of building the email in 2 steps:

    1. Marketo searches the email code for "http" or "https" and wraps the tracking code around the URL
    2. Marketo inserts the values of {{tokens}} into the email.


    If the {{token}} value is, that would be expected to not track because of the above 2 steps. After the {{token}} value is inserted, Marketo does not go back to wrap tracking code around http/https. The {{token}} doesn't look like a URL when the system applies the tracking code because the tokens don't pull the values in until the next step after.


    The solution to tracking tokens is to place http:// or https:// on the outside of the token, like such:




    That way, when Marketo builds the email, in step #1, the system recognizes the http and knows it's a URL. Then the tracking is wrapped around the http and the {{token}} as well. Then in step #2, the {{token}} value is inserted into an already-wrapped link.



    A unique caveat to keep in mind is that if the {{token}} value contains http, but http is on the outside of the {{token}}. Let's say the URL you want to insert is You have to move the http:// out in front of the {{token}}, but you don't want to also have it inside the {{token}} as well. If your link ends up being http:// it will break.


    To get around this, you'll need to remember to take the http:// out of the {{token}} value.



    would instead be