Change Submit Button Style and Color

Version 4

    If you find the standard Submit button dull, or if you need something more fancy, feel free to choose from a wide range of button styles that are ready to use.

    1. Go to the Marketing Activities area.


    2. Select your form and click Edit Form.

    rtaImage (1).png

    3. Select the Submit button and then click the Button Style edit link.

    rtaImage (2).png


    Did you know you can drag the submit button to the left and right to change it's position? It's that easy. Try it out!



    Pick a button style you like (scroll up/down).

    rtaImage (3).png

    4. You can leave the color as default or customize it.

    rtaImage (4).png


    You can also enter the color code manually if you need to.


    Click SELECT.

    rtaImage (5).png

    5. Click FINISH.

    rtaImage (6).png



    rtaImage (7).png

    There you go!

    rtaImage (8).png