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    New Marketo instance, DKIM issues.

      We are in a transitional phase from one CRM to another and because of this we are getting a new Marketo instance. We have a transitional month to get everything set and settled from the old instance to the new, but during that month we want to send emails from the new instance and slowly stop all all ongoing emails in the old.


      The problem is our DKIM Status. Our Host record is the same, but the TXT value is different on our current Marketo compared to the new. Our IT support says we can only use one of the TXT values. Because of this our DKIM status is pending in the new instance.


      Does anyone else have experience with having two different Marketo instances up and setting up different?

      How did you set up your DKIM?

      Should we still send emails from our new Marketo instance when DKIM is pending configuration?