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    Chat integration

      Has anyone installed and integrated a chat tool on their website that works well with Marketo and Salesforce? what works best integrates with Marketo and salesforce? I see that Marketo uses LivePerson on their site. Anyone from Marketo can comment on its implementation?

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          Are you just looking to capture information from individual fields into salesforce or do you want to capture the entrire transcript?
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            We are looking at capturing as much as possible into Salesforce, which means for new leads, it has to create a new record and for existign ones, we want to bring it up in the chat session for the rep. I am tryign to find out which chat application tool integrates best with Salesforce and Marketo. Thanks.
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              I too have had this issue with my current and previous company. I was not able to find a chat software that fully integrated but devised of a workaround. I created a generic form that syncs directly into salesforce, and asked the chat employee to input fields as visitors answered questions. It wasn't as seemless as the actual visitor inputting into the fields but we got the desired results.
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                There are many that integrate with salesforce very well.  I've had good experience with Snapengage with several clients. The chat operators like it, salesforce integration is good with the pro version and analytics is included.

                The piece that falls down...probably with all vendors... is that if the chatter exists in marketo, but not saleforce, the act of performing a chat will create a salesforce record followed by a duplicate record in marketo. It would be ideal if there was a direct integration with marketo that syncs to salesforce. Annoying, but not a deal breaker.

                Compare a variety of suppliers at:


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                  Thank you for your inputs.
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                    We use Boldchat in my company and integrate it with Saleforce pretty well but I'd like to understand Bill's comments a bit more.    When would a chatter exist in marketo  if there is no direct integration between the chat program and Marketo? 

                    Also, there is information on the web about integrating Boldchat with Google Analytics which leads me to think that the chat visitor tracking may not be independent and, without proper configuration, will result in multiple tracking by GA and Marketo.

                    Does anyone have best practices on how to integrate asynchronous GA code, munchkin code and Boldchat visitor/conversion tracking?

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                      Sanford Whiteman

                      I'm quite sure this can be accomplished with the LiveEngage JS API and Marketo directly.