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Global forms are the best! It makes it so easy to make changes. At my old company, for some reason we used all local forms. When we decided to add a new field to all our forms, I realized what a mistake we had made! At that point I put in the effort to switch to global forms.

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Michael Mason​ - I second that. We use Lucid Chart for same and the flow charts help Non Marketo people as well to understand what's happening. To further utilize and collaborate, we would be using Description areas to add a brief and a link to published URLs of flow charts.I would stress that documenting flow charts is very powerful - it supports quick onboarding to new members, helps to grasp the overall picture, help troubleshoot any issues etc.

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It's probably a bizarre tip, but works so well for me. If you have something bothering you in the back your mind - a tiny detail, something weird / out of line, some kind of flip you don't get - do NOT ignore it!

In the majority of cases, there is something really wrong, and you can prevent bigger problems if you start investigating it right now.

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Great point Helen. I get that feeling and start with: "What could be the worst thing that happens in this scenario?" and then making sure it doesn't actually happen. Along the way, I usually pick up on other minor issues.

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I would say before creating any type of Program think about what are you trying to achieve by doing so. Always set up objectives, otherwise people tend to think the more they build the better, rather than building a few Programs that are strategically planned. Also, after you build it, make sure you review its performance and if objectives were met. Try learning from it, both good and bad lessons, and use these to optimise present and future initiatives

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- Shout out to Jessica Cross​: being able to filter out "reason is not: Lead Merge" on value changes and program statuses.

- You can create custom types of Interesting Moments, which is especially useful when sending moments to several different teams

- Seemingly obvious, but I never put two and two together: in addition to pushing transactional email data in a token via API, you can basically push...anything into a token if you want to do dynamic creation/changes if the token works in a flow step.

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Yah! That find proved to be super helpful. Solved the whole, i just merged this lead why did it MQ?

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I created a spreadsheet starting on October of last year for the most important things I track yearly, which I will be using again, because it kept me organized and it was a big time saver while I went on vacation from December to the first week of January:

All of the active campaigns that need to be deactivated on the first week of January.

All of the active campaigns that need to be cloned and activated the first week of January. 

Set stream cadence for newly created streams for 2018.

Update specific Landing page for content updates.

FAQ check and Update email content for Renewals, Conversion Series and nurture emails.

FAQ check Alert and confirmation emails. 

Test redirect URLs that are still active.

Review promotional programs that underperformed and archive.

Purge unused email and landing page templates.