Segmentations for Survey responses?

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Segmentations for Survey responses?

I am trying to pull together a summary email that fires off to my Executive team that pulls each response in a single survey to one email.

I am not sure if this is the best way to do it, but I used lists and Smart campaigns to build the data, and segmentations to populate the Snipetts that fed the email trigger. So that the executives could see the survey question, and answer given by each respondent, as it comes in. I cannot pull in the open ended questions, but got pretty close to what they wanted with the static multiple choice question and answers. They would also like a summary report and open ended questions if possible and anyone has an idea on how to get this data into a report.

We are using Survey Monkey for our surveys and it is integrated with our Marketo instance.

I did run into the cap on segmentations when I hit 20, this is my first survey, so, I will need over 100 if I continue down this path, unless I get more creative.

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Re: Segmentations for Survey responses?

Hi Todd,

I'm not sure that this is the best approach for sending things out--it doesn't seem scalable. That being said, I don't have an easier solution for you, BUT @Adam New-Waterson has a solution he posted on LinkedIn that you may want to check out. I think if you worked with this, you COULD find a more scalable solution. 

Concatenation in Marketo | Adam New-Waterson | LinkedIn

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Re: Segmentations for Survey responses?

Todd, you might already have solved the issue, but in case you did not, in addition to Kristen Malkovich​'s suggestion, you could look into Email Script Tokens to see if they could help. More info here Email Scripting » Marketo Developers and here Basic Email Scripting Examples for Marketers.