Re: Opt-in expired landing pages #GDPR

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Opt-in expired landing pages #GDPR

** Edited version (short) **

Current opt-in: email > click on link > thank you page

After opt-out - person is deleted.

What if then s/he tries to opt-in?

How do I avoid the "thank you page"

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We want to update the GDPR flow so in the welcome (opt-in) email would now include opt-out option.


Hello xxx,

Welcome... please click here to opt-in...

if you want to be deleted now please click here.

Opt-in flow works on getting to a Marketo thank you page (Thank you <Name> for opting in)

and opt-out goes to a Marketo landing page with a simple email form and after submission it will be deleted.

But I have few cases not properly addressed:

1. One did opt-in (via email) and then opt-out (via email)?
[I guess nothing to do here]

2. One did opt-out (via email) (and then deleted) and then opt-in (via email)?
[The user will see the thank you page - which this is not relevant after deletion]

3. After 14 days, person deleted and then tries to opt-in/opt out?

[same as above for opt-in, and opt-out page will be just redundant]

Will love to know if you have any creative idea how to improve user experience here.


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Re: Opt-in expired landing pages #GDPR

Please explain your workflow more or post a screenshot.

I would highly recommend that you do NOT use your subs page to allow people to request GDPR deletion requests. Do not automate this.

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Re: Opt-in expired landing pages #GDPR

Hi Josh Hill​,

Can you please explain why not automate the deletion part? I set a 24 hours waiting step before that to allow manual abort in case of a mistake.

More about the flow:
1. Opt-in flow:

wait = 7 days both.

2. opt-in activation:
trigger by link clicking in email, then flow:


Requesting campaign to record opt-in data (true, date, cause)

Removing from opt-in flow (to avoid deletion)

Hope it better explain it.


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Re: Opt-in expired landing pages #GDPR

How many deletion requests do you usually get? We had thought of automating the process but hardly anyone asked for deletion of their record. So, now we have a manual process where someone can reach out to us for requesting the deletion, and after an internal review, we delete the record.

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Re: Opt-in expired landing pages #GDPR

Hi Rachit,

The automatic process is set on new leads entering the database. after 14 days it becomes manual.

Not many asked to opt-out.

I will try to edit and refine my question