Re: Nurture Stream with re-targeting non-openers

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Nurture Stream with re-targeting non-openers

I'm fairly new to engagement/nurture streams in Marketo. This can't be a tough question to answer for the geniuses in this community!

We're setting up a simple nurture stream where we ask our existing customers to create an account on our portal.

Some will not open the email. We want to re-send the email to these people after a week or 10 days.

If they open then we want them to re-enter the nurture stream and be "on cadence."

How to set this up?

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Re: Nurture Stream with re-targeting non-openers


I would keep those who haven't opened the email in this stream (stream 1). Then run a trigger smart campaign that looks for those who have opened one of the stream 1 emails and you are going to run the "change engagement program stream" flow step to stream 2. This will pull out those who have opened the email and place them in a separate stream with new content (stream 2). The leads remaining in stream 1 will continue to receive content (if there are multiple email assets in the stream) until they open one of the stream 1 emails.

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Re: Nurture Stream with re-targeting non-openers

A couple of other options depending on how much content you have.

OPTION 1: smart campaign drip with wait steps

Sometimes I do this with a simple drip. Send Email, Wait 10 days, if Not Opened Email, then Send Email 2. Sometimes you need a smart list to look at Not Opened/Not Clicked or other criteria.

OPTION 2: do Option 1, but in a Program within the Stream

If you do this, then you don't need to use transition campaigns to manage this. The lead will get Email 1, and Wait independently of the Casts to get Email 2. Of course, the lead can continue through to the next Casts, so that's a thought given your particular use case.

Also, I strongly urge people to use new Subject Lines for Email 2.

And I never recommend this for non-customer records. It's annoying.

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Re: Nurture Stream with re-targeting non-openers

We are sending repeat content in three different streams with different subject lines. How many emails are in your nurture stream and how often is the content updated? Are there variations in the from name, subject line, CTA, etc?

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Re: Nurture Stream with re-targeting non-openers

I suppose there is a number of ways to do this, but here is a couple ideas to build on.

  • Set up a smart campaign to monitor the original send. If the email is not opened in a specific time, pause in engagement and request a separate  campaign/add as member - this would house the drip (with wait steps) outside nurture.
  • Deployment on the 2nd campaign will filter and send on program status (not success).
  • Have a trigger in this campaign to monitor opens. If they open, mark program success and un-pause in nurture.

Another option -

Providing you have "Not member of" filter set up in program deployment, you could set up a batch that looked at whom was sent the email, if they did not open (in a specific time) remove as member. Making sure your leads can run through the campaign each time, I believe they will continue to receive the same content until they open.

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