Re: Need help modifying html table for new module

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Re: Need help modifying html table for new module

Im not sure, but Gmail for Android might read styles in the <head> so maybe you could try adding a class to hide the logo on mobile? 

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Re: Need help modifying html table for new module

Thank you Dave. 


I was thinking more of trying to drop the logos down and center align them.


Do you think that would be possible for Gmail Android?


Logos and text center aligned.png

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Re: Need help modifying html table for new module

Hi @Dave_Roberts,


I have two more humps that I'm trying to get over to finalize the module that I have been working on.


I've been able to get the table looking pretty good in most clients in Email on Acid. But I noticed that with at least one client that is important to the company, the logo on the left appears to be "bulging" out of the table or something is happening where the table width is not staying within the confines of the main email table.




Also, I added padding to the center logo to try to make it more centered within the table and to close up some weird spacing between the logo on the left and the text on the right (see second screenshot below), but I'm not sure how to make sure it aligns with the text below it (Hotel, Resort, Cruise, etc.). Do you have any suggestions?


Outlook 2016 (120 dpi) 2.png


As you can see below there appears to be more space on the left above Hotel than above Tour, which makes sense because of the padding I added.




When I added padding to the <TD> encasing the text, though, it caused the text to drop down 😥.




I was able to send a live email to myself. You can view the code here:


I appreciate your help!



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Re: Need help modifying html table for new module



If anyone runs into issues similar to what I shared with regard to a nested table extending beyond the parent table, I was able to resolve the issue by adjusting the left and right padding of the nested table--the one that contains the two logos and phone number/My Account text.


I also discovered that the spacing issues around the center logo were occurring with nearly all of the 120 dpi versions of Microsoft Outlook.


I found some very helpful information in this article: 




After following the guidelines to add inline styles for table cell pixel width and also adding style="mso-cellspacing:0px;mso-padding-alt:0px 0px 0px 0px" to each of the tables, the spacing looks much better! 👍





Please Note: 

You do want to make sure that you've done the following, if this code is not already included in your html document:





<html xmlns=""

<!--[if gte mso 9]><xml>





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