Re: Multiple identical form fills in campaign

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Re: Multiple identical form fills in campaign

Hi @Diana_Watts3 , 


The reply I got from them was that Marketo simply received several requests from the client side and just processed them normally. It just so happens that the requests all had an identical timestamp. 

That explains why the automatic dedupe rule was unable to catch the duplicates: 15 checks fired at the same time, but no record was on database at the time the checks were made, so 15 identical copies were flagged as OK and pushed into the CRM. 


To me it sounds like there is some room for improvement there ... 


How the real person was able to make that many legit form submissions is also unclear... one hypothesis has been a slow connection or some front-end problem led the persons to click on submit several times. Not sure how it's possible for someone to click 15 times in one second, so probably a slow connection or some other hiccup queued the submissions and sent them all through at once? Maybe a bot? 


I don't know enough to understand. @SanfordWhiteman maybe you have come across something like this and have an idea of how it might happen? All our cases were LATAM or South Africa, so maybe infrastructure played a role? I also don't want to make assumptions about that really.