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Multi-touch attribution

So I've hit a bit of a blocker with my attribution reporting set-up…

I've created various SCs to track and update program status' for my various channel values but the only leads which are qualifying as members for these are new leads who have come through these channels as first touch.

I was hoping my leads would pass through any SC that corresponded with their activity (including PPC SCs, social SCs, etc) to support the multi-touch attribution / show on the opportunity influence analyser.

I can see why this is happening (& in theory is therefore working as it should) as I presume the ‘referral source’, etc is listening out for these details in the lead info opposed to the campaign url which is possibly why I’ve not managed to capture this info.

Does anyone have any experience of setting up multi-touch attribution and can share ideas on how best I can capture this information moving forward (without RCE)?

I’ve asked support for advice on this but they’ve suggested I ask on here as they don't see any workaround at the moment to look for multi touch…

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Re: Multi-touch attribution

You could always attempt to cookie the user for every campaign through which they pass, collecting the campaign name. I don't know if this is the most viable solution - it's a problem I'm facing as well - but it's an option.

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Re: Multi-touch attribution

Can you provide screenshots?

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Re: Multi-touch attribution

Thanks Robb - is that the solution you've gone with for your set-up?

Josh - please find screenshot below. This is an example PPC SC. I believe the problem is that 'referral source', etc is based on first touch so once this is populated, additional activity won't be captured here. The same set-up is used for social campaigns, etc. The SC didn't work when I added some of this info as a constraint for 'visits web page' but happy to adapt the SCs with any suggestions so we can capture this information for all scenarios.

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Re: Multi-touch attribution

Do you really want to consider this a Success if they just visited?

You can run this every time, however, it can only become a Success once. So you could have every PPC flow doing this to mark people as Success for MT. only the first one will get FT credit though.

Sorry, a little unclear what is wrong.

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Re: Multi-touch attribution

We just want to track this activity but yes, success in the channel is attributed to a separate SC for 'fills out form'.

The SC is working as it should but my question is - as 'referral source' etc is populated based on first touch, only leads that qualify for this criteria as their first activity are falling under the SC.

We want SCs and a model set up so we can track all key touch points, not just first touch. For example, if a new lead clicks a brand PPC ad, then at a later date clicks a social ad, only the PPC activity is being recorded in the opportunity influence analyser report as they can only qualify for this one SC, not multiple. Not sure if I'm explaining this very well, sorry!

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Re: Multi-touch attribution

We've actually setup our environment so that program statuses are the basis for our reporting (since we knew early that we needed to report on touches/responses, MQLs, SALs, etc.).  In addition to every program channel having their own specific program statuses, each channel also has these highlighted ones included as well (here are two examples):


So we basically track progression in Marketo all the way to closed-won business.  This gives us a very flexible approach to report properly in RCE (and via a new data warehouse/BI tool that our team is building) across all 15 of our channels.


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Re: Multi-touch attribution

Ellie Szunko

We have created a couple of multi-touch attribution models without using RCE and leverage Salesforce campaign object. 

  • Firstly, to capture source channels for each campaign, we have a created a custom cookie which captures the referrer value. Based on the referrer value, we establish the channel. As an example, if the referrer contains gclid, we know it is coming from Adwords. Similarly, we have created a long list of key channels.
  • For each program in Marketo, we capture the latest referrer from the cookie. So, rather than storing lead source, channel and offer type on lead, we store that in SFDC on SFDC Campaign  for each program.

With custom reports built on SFDC Campaign Object, you can capture many insights.

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Re: Multi-touch attribution

Hi Rachit,

I'm working on creating a similar model as we do all of our reporting in Salesforce as well.

You mentioned that you look for gclid to determine the whether or not it's coming from Adwords. How do you go about tracking items for specific campaigns if the lead doesn't convert? Is that captured in cookie as well?

Would you be willing to share the custom cookie you created?



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Re: Multi-touch attribution

Hi Ellie,

What you pointed out about referral source is only populated once and therefore will not help you.  And I agree with the above points that you probably want to look for a higher bar than visits page.  If you just want to look at dollars spent to CTR then GA is best for that.  If you want to start tracking after they are known leads, then you can use Marketo.  For PPC I specifically use UTM parameters because they will be replaced each time.  Say for example you want to track Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

You would create 3 separate programs in the PPC channel

The Program statuses could be

Visited (not success)

Converted (Success)

Program - Google

SC - Trigger Fills out form

utm source = google


1) Change progression in program - Google to Converted

2) Change acquisition program (if empty) to Program - Google

using utm parameters like utm_source, utm_campaign utm_medium will help address the issues that you are having.  Just place the utm parameters in your forms as hidden fields.  If you are executing PPC campaigns you are most probably already using the utms