Re: Migration to new Salesforce platform, Lightening.

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Migration to new Salesforce platform, Lightening.

Good afternoon all,


Over the next few months our company will be migrating our SFDC platform to the new Lightening. I'll be responsible for making sure the migration is seamless and sync's properly with our Marketo instance. 


Is there any guidance for how to manage this? Or would it be better to seek support from Marketo?


Thanks in advance for any responses, Mark

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Re: Migration to new Salesforce platform, Lightening.

No "e" though, just "Lightning." 🙂


If you aren't using the Marketo Sales Insight (MSI) plugin in Marketo then nothing changes. A simple flip to Lightning doesn't change the data model.


However, you need to stay totally on top of all collateral refactoring (Apex, workflows, relationships, etc.) that might be done alongside such a significant migration. You might have a developer decide to "fix" certain functionality because it seems convenient to (re)start on the right foot: a fine idea but only if there's proper communicaton with other stakeholders. A few of our clients have changed non-Lightning functionality during their move to Lightning, without considering the impact on integrations. 

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Re: Migration to new Salesforce platform, Lightening.

Hi Mark,

There are definitely lots of "gotchas" and things to look for when moving from Classic to Lightning. The biggest, and where I'd recommend starting is determining with your SFDC team if your organization's move to Lightning entails moving to a completely new SFDC org. Marketo and SFDC instances (when using the native sync) are synced for life, and one synced natively with SFDC, that instance of Marketo cannot natively sync to a new SFDC instance. Thus, your organization's move to Lightning may mean you need to get a new Marketo instance as well (if you want to use the native sync with the SFDC Lightning instance).


Marketo Professional Services can definitely help with both planning and execution of a move like this, but if you have any other specific questions let me know!



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Re: Migration to new Salesforce platform, Lightening.

Hi Tori,


Please forgive the tardy response. I was waiting for confirmation from my SFDC team that yes, we will be building a completely new version of SFDC. At this time they are still trying to figure out if it will be a new instance of Classic or move to Lightning. I'll reach out to Professional Services and set up a call to discuss options. Any further guidance is appreciated.