Assign Static List to a Partition

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Assign Static List to a Partition

Is it possible to assign a static list to a specific partition in a workspace that is connected to multiple partitions? 

For example workspace MBW01 has access to Partition01 and Partition02.  When I import a list to StaticList01, is it possible to specify that the people in StaticList01 are in Partition01 and not Partition02? In other words, how would I import a list only to Partition01 in a workspace that has access to both Partition01 and Partition02?

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Re: Assign Static List to a Partition

The list will upload to the partition set as the default for that workspace. You can't specify it past that, but you can migrate them after upload via a smart campaign or list action.

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Re: Assign Static List to a Partition

Hi Matt,


You can either re-assign partition manually after import, or if this is a repeatable process it would be worth adding partition assignment rules.


If you go the assignment rule route, you'll want to have a field built (if there isn't one already) that indicates the partition. You'd include that value in the csv and then the MKTO assignment rules would fire on creation. You would also want to build a triggered campaign for changes in that field in case you needed to batch some leads at some point into partitions, or if the value gets set after creation from some other source.


Hope this helps!