Mapping Salesforce Fields to Marketo

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Mapping Salesforce Fields to Marketo

Good morning-

I have a Salesforce instance that is already connected to Marketo. We have new fields that we have created in Salesforce and I was under the impression that if the SF admin grants me visibility to these fields that they would automatically be created in Marketo and mapped.

1. I see the new fields in Marketo, but the data is not syncing - Anyone know why? Do I have to submit a support ticket to map these fields? (seems silly to have to do that for every new field that is created as your business grows)

2. I see in the Field Management section of my Marketo instance that there are quite a few 100+ fields in the "unmapped" folder - is this what is causing the issue?

Thanks for any guidance!


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Re: Mapping Salesforce Fields to Marketo


Best practice is to create the field in SFDC and then have it sync to Marketo. You do not have to "map" the fields if they were first created in SFDC and synced over. You will need to manually map the fields if you created a field "Field 1" in Marketo and then created a field "Field 1" in SFDC.

When you say the data is not syncing, are you positive that the SFDC admin has enabled the Marketo user in SFDC visibility permissions to that field? Or do you mean the field has been synced over to Marketo from SFDC but the field values are not syncing back to SFDC?

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Re: Mapping Salesforce Fields to Marketo

i am also having this issue too. The field was in SFDC - we turned on visibility and it is now available in Marketo with the appropriate picklist values.  But when i use it to make a smart list, no one comes up in people. 

When I use it as a filter in SFDC, it does pull about 579 people and I know most of them are in my Marketo database. 

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Re: Mapping Salesforce Fields to Marketo

You mentioned that these fields are visible in Marketo. Do you see anything under "CRM Field Map"? If not, Check with SFDC team. There may be field visibility/access issue. Submit a request to make that SFDC field visible to Marketo and also request (edit/update) access if required.

Did you manually create same fields in Marketo as well?

- If Yes, open a Marketo support ticket to remap or merge your Marketo field and SFDC field

- If Not, You don't need to worry about mapping. You will directly use unammped SFDC custom field created in Marketo.