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Lead Scoring Overhaul/Review

We're currently reviewing our entire lead scoring model to do an overhaul of it, and we want to get some input from others on their experiences.

We're scoring leads today, but the score doesn't carry much weight, if any at all. Our goal is to revamp our current scoring model to find an ideal threshold for a lead's score to hit before the lead becomes an MQL, and is sent to the sales team. Our hope is the find a the best balance as possible of quality and quantity to pass along to the sales team. We've considered completely wiping our current lead scores because some are so high, but also don't want to lose that data as mit might be valuable for this overhaul. We've also thought about resetting portions of the database to certain scores based on things lie inactivity, only opening emails, etc.

What I'm hoping to learn is what best practices/suggestions people have done for their models, different ways people are using their lead scoring model, and/or any insights or recommendations you have for us if you've ever had to overhaul your organization's lead scoring (i.e. analysis to find a threshold, what to do with existing lead score, etc.) .

Thanks for the help!

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Re: Lead Scoring Overhaul/Review

There are several good threads on this topic. Please do a search.

  • Consider predictive and forget made up scores.
  • you can erase all of the scores (or =0)
  • you can then batch update or re-score some activities within up to 90 days. But consider if that activity is still fresh enough to matter.
  • Demographic scoring is boring. Don't bother. Use filters instead for MQL.
  • Turn off any MQL triggers or score triggers when you do run the batch update or score erasure.
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Re: Lead Scoring Overhaul/Review

Marketo has a great guide on scoring actually - The Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring

I redid our scores recently and then worked updates into the lead stages afterwards. Only once scoring is rebuilt should you determine what value an AQL has in terms of activity.

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Re: Lead Scoring Overhaul/Review

The threshold problem is more about looking at the total count and distribution and deciding on the volume you want per month or per day.

I'd rather see use of predictive than the older method.

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Re: Lead Scoring Overhaul/Review

Hey Eric,

Not exactly what you are asking, but I wrote a post on this with points that could help.

4 Ways to Optimize Your Lead Scoring Program

let me know, always down to brainstorm

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Re: Lead Scoring Overhaul/Review

Bucket your scores. We originally did different scores for everything and it was hard to determine what was the right amount and how to compare. Now we use a school scoring system (A,B,C,D) and it's easy to say "well this isn't amazing, so not an A, but it's better than clicking on a CTA so better than a C...let's go with a B. Plus most sales people understand this system.

Treat customers and prospects differently - if prospects do a lot YAY. If customers do a, that's normal.