Importing Leads into Marketo & Not syncing to sfdc

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Importing Leads into Marketo & Not syncing to sfdc

I want to upload a static list of leads/contacts into marketo to send them a one-time email. I do not want the new leads to be synced to sfdc. I chose the non default upload option and the existing contacts were uploaded but not the new leads. How can i bypass the sfdc sync?

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Re: Importing Leads into Marketo & Not syncing to sfdc

Hi Jessica,

Leads will not sync to SFDC if:

  • You do not explicitly fire a "sync to SFDC" flow step on the new leads
  • You do not add the leads to a program that is sync'ed with SFDC.

Attention to any smart campaign that would fire on lead creation or on "added to list" and that would do one of the 2 above.

Your import options have no impact on this


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Re: Importing Leads into Marketo & Not syncing to sfdc

True, but to be clear

  • re upload the list as standard so new leads ARE uploaded.
  • if your lead lifecycle auto sends all leads to SFDC, then it doesn't matter what you do. Please check with your Admin or check the MQL flows.
  • if this is a one time purchased list, you can send the email and then either
    • Delete from Marketo
    • Blacklist them so they aren't emailed again
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Re: Importing Leads into Marketo & Not syncing to sfdc

We sync our entire database to SFDC via Lead Lifecycle flows. As such, to prevent certain leads from synching, we created a Smart List called "Do Not Sync" which I'll add leads to that have an Acquisition Program in any campaigns I don't want to sync across. There is a "Member of Program not in 'Do not sync'" filter in my Lead Lifecycle campaign that prevents these leads from moving to SFDC.

One use case where we use this is for VARs leads. We send these leads to the resellers and don't ever intend for Sales to touch them.

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Re: Importing Leads into Marketo & Not syncing to sfdc

In theory, you could create a custom field (Boolean) in Marketo, called "Do Not Sync to SFDC". When you import your list, you'd add a column for this field, and set it to "true", or "yes".

Then you'd add a filter "Do Not Sync to SFDC" is "false" to

1. Your Lifecycle Campaigns that push leads into SFDC

2. Any Data Management Campaigns that push leads into SFDC

3. Any Smart Campaigns that set Program Statuses when the Program is synched to a SFDC Campaign

4. Any Smart Campagins that have any sort of SFDC flow steps in the flow

5. If you have a "Marketable Leads" Smart List, you'd add it as a filter there as well

In a nutshell, you'd have to block any and all processes that could push a lead into SFDC. It can be a lot of work, and bears a lot of risk of going wrong. I would not do it.

The longer you want to keep these records in your Marketo instance, the more such processes they might encounter. If you delete them right away, you still need to block them from the Lifecycle and possibly some other processes, but you would also lose the ability to report on them.

Another, peripheral question is: What is the source of these leads? What is their quality? Are you risking your sender reputation by emailing to them? Can you send them from somewhere else?

Hope this helps.