Image replacement not updating - big delay

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Image replacement not updating - big delay

Hey Marketo community -

Has anyone experienced long delays with updated/replaced imagery and text appearing in the email editor? This is happening a lot in my instance, both for landing pages and email imagery.

My primary concern is for email images... Example: In a recent email campaign, one of our banner graphics had a typo. It was caught, and corrected during our regular review process... but the next morning (almost 24 hours later) the email went out with the OLD banner image!

Because of this bug, my email sends get delayed all. the. time. And my VP thinks I'm crazy

I've submitted tickets on this before, but unfortunately by the time I get a reply & schedule a time for a screenshare with Support, the issue has resolved. Screenshots like the one below isn't sufficient.

Any ideas? I've done all the standard clearing cache/testing this across different browsers. Sometimes it takes up to 24 hours for the new uploaded image to appear in our marketing materials. So frustrating!

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Re: Image replacement not updating - big delay

Ask them to Escalate to Engineering and check their server side Logs. And if you want, press the Escalate button.

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Re: Image replacement not updating - big delay

I am having similar trouble. Not with an image updating in the email editor (yet), but with an image that I have uploaded to the file studio. It doesn't matter how many times I overwrite or completely delete and re-upload the image, the old image remains. I have refreshed, hard refreshed, even logged out and back in. Still, the old image remains.

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Re: Image replacement not updating - big delay

If you're actually deleting it (so it gives a 404) and then recreating it with a new file, and it still looks the same, this points to something happening outside Marketo. But you should open a new thread instead of working on this 2-year-old one.