Re: Handling 3rd Party Suppression Files

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Handling 3rd Party Suppression Files

Not sure if anyone has any suggestions on this, but we deal with a 3rd party advertiser who we send dedicated email campaigns for and they have a suppression file of about 1 million records.  At our previous ESP we would just send the files over and they would be able to suppress them from our campaign.  I'm not sure how that same scenario would work in Marketo as we don't want to upload these 1 million records to our instance.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Re: Handling 3rd Party Suppression Files

I'm assuming from your phrasing that these are per-campaign excludes, not unsubscribes.

I'd build a webhook which does a lookup in the file (stored on another server). 1MM is microscopic in that context, though as you know it's very significant in Mkto.

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Re: Handling 3rd Party Suppression Files

One option for sure. Could also do a Talend Job if someone can code it.

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Re: Handling 3rd Party Suppression Files

Hi Diana - you're on the right track, I would recommend avoiding that upload at all costs (Performance and licensure implications).

Your safest bet is to scrub the data outside of Marketo.

There are multiple ways to accomplish this, the simplest way I can think of off the top of my head is::

  1. Compile the Marketo smart list w/all pertaining send criterea
  2. Export target smart list from Marketo (Create an email address only view and only export visible columns)
  3. Compare suppression list to exported Marketo target smart list
  4. Identify email addresses from target smart list that are also on suppression list
  5. Re-import those email addresses into a local list in the corresponding Marketo program
  6. Exclude members of the local list from the target smart list/email send

If this is a recurring use case, it may be valuable to consider a more sustainable/automated solution, but this should enable you to suppress records on a one-off send basis.

I hope this helps!