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Edit Relationship field


Can we edit Relationship field in Salesforce object sync in MarketoRelationship field.png?

Attached screenshot for reference.

I need to update the Relationship field value to "Major_c". Is there a way to update the field?

At present, relationship field is "Double major_c"


Arvind. R

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Re: Edit Relationship field

Isn't that handled within SFDC?

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Re: Edit Relationship field

You will need to make the change in Salesforce and this will flow down into Marketo.

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Re: Edit Relationship field

What change in SFDC needs to be made? One of my customers has a custom object with more than one lookup to Contact, a Booker and a Student. The sync seems to grab the first field and not give us a chance to choose the relationship that we wish to use (which is the Student, not the Booker). I was wondering whether the Student field needs to be renamed to show as the first relationship in the field list in SFDC?

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Re: Edit Relationship field

I just dealt with this. Did you make sure that every relationship field in Salesforce is visible to the Marketo connector user? I realized the primary relationship field I use was hidden from the connector user. I made it visible, then refreshed the schema, and now the custom object is visible in Marketo with that relationship field.