Re: Considerations when adding a domain?

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Considerations when adding a domain?

My users are revamping their website and will have a new domain to add to Marketo. The old domain will still be available and connected to Marketo. However the bulk of the marketing will be done via the new website and domain. I know we can add additional domains, and track visitors to those domains. However, we would really like to "move" the cookies across. I know this is not possible technically, but is there anything clever we can do to re-cookie the leads and tie them back to their record in Marketo, aside from running a tracking campaign from Marketo to entice leads to click to the new website?

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Re: Considerations when adding a domain?

Hi Erica,

This is in fact possible to track leads from 1 domain to another, as soon as you own the 2 domains.

It takes some JS dev.

See Sanford Whiteman​, he can help on this

You will also want to make sure that the new domain is set as the primary one in Marketo, and the old one is set as an alias.


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Re: Considerations when adding a domain?

Greg took the words right out of my mouth! It's totally possible, but you need to budget for a developer. We're moving a client from and domains now to a unified .com.

You'll actually find that lots of sites are doing the equivalent, including Marketo itself, though it is tricky to get right.

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Re: Considerations when adding a domain?

Do you mean CNAME or the domain you will use for email?

There are several threads on this.

I believe the cookie issue is something that requires coding.

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Re: Considerations when adding a domain?

I mean CNAME. The email sending domains are still up for discussion.