Can I use two different segments in the same email?

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Can I use two different segments in the same email?


I'm new to Marketo here and slowly learning the ropes. I am preparing an email for our renewal customers. I have people who have an account executive and some that have a customer success manager as their point of contact.

I've set up

  • a segment based on Account Executives
  • a segment based on Customer Success Managers

I would need Marketo to pull the AE or CSM for the signature. Is this possible or do I need to create two versions of the email?

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Re: Can I use two different segments in the same email?

Hi Ilse,

As long as you have the data, you should be able to create only one email and populate the signature with a Token (if you don't have this data for some Leads make sure you have a default value just just in case). Here are some useful links on how to use tokens:

Tokens Overview - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

Understanding My Tokens in a Program - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

Managing My Tokens - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

I hope this helps you!


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Re: Can I use two different segments in the same email?

you can generally use only ONE Segmentation per Email.

If you need to get more complex, you can use Velocity scripting.

Instead, make two Snippets and two email programs to handle this situation. I'm assuming your AE and CSMs are using different fields.

Also, search for Email Signature - sales reps here because many people have solved this in detail.

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Re: Can I use two different segments in the same email?

Ilse, as you can see you'll get different answers to this question because it depends on how you create the segmented data.

And you also have to be very precise about the terms "segment" and "segmentation."  When you say "... a segment based on Account Executives..." I believe you actually mean a segmentation based on AEs, and a segmentation based on CSMs. (If not, you need to clarify.)

When you use what I like to call Dynamic Content™ -- the name Marketo gives to basic segmentation/segment usage in the docs -- you can only divide a single block of content using a single segmentation (all the segments in that segmentation can be used, but not another segmentation).

Different content blocks in the same email can use different segmentations, though.

So if your signature occupies a single content block (as it usually would), whether you use a segmented Snippet or directly segment the content at the email level (by right-clicking on the element and choosing Segment By) you will only be choosing from the AE segments or the CSM segments.

But that's not the only way to do lower-case dynamic content in Marketo. The other way is to use a Velocity script. Unlike Dynamic Content™, dynamic content with Velocity allows you to consult multiple segmentations and segments simultaneously to determine the final content for a block.

Also, to get back to Dynamic Content™, you could have two segmented snippets right next to each other, with the Default segment's content blank for each.  Then if someone is in the default segment for AE, the final email would have only their CSM segment, and vice versa.