Re: Can I create Marketo program from SFDC

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Can I create Marketo program from SFDC


Currently we create Marketo campaign first and then sync it to SFDC by creating new SFDC campaign. Do you know if I can create a Marketo campaign from SFDC? 

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Re: Can I create Marketo program from SFDC

I think you mean "program", not "campaign" in your question (you used "program" in the thread title).

The answer is: not without significant and dangerous Apex development. I wouldn't even think about it, frankly.

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Re: Can I create Marketo program from SFDC

+1 to that. We are in the process of doing it, and it involves, as Sanford said, "dangerous and significant Apex development". Don't even know yet if it'll work really. I didn't get a say in whether to do it or not, but if I had I would have advised against it I think.

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Re: Can I create Marketo program from SFDC

Agreed with above - even if you could pull it off, SFDC just doesn't have the same context to manage Marketo programs. Marketo programs are so nuanced that you would effectively have to rebuild the entire Marketo Program UI just to manage it properly.

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Re: Can I create Marketo program from SFDC

I haven't heard about Marketo program being created via SFDC but, you can do so via Jeto ( It's more easy and neat structure which allows you to build Marketo programs with a simple input form-fill out. 



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Re: Can I create Marketo program from SFDC

This is absolutely possible, but it will require custom development. I have had several clients who enter a lot of metadata in the SFDC Campaign and would like some of that metadata reflected in the corresponding Marketo Program as Tags and Tokens. Rather than creating SFDC Campaign and Program separately and copying over the data, they are triggering the cloning of a Program from within SFDC. This greatly simplifies their campaign development workflow. 

This type of functionality builds upon the Marketo REST API, which allows you to programmatically clone Programs, set Tokens, activate/schedule Smart campaigns and so forth. While this would require a 'hook' in SFDC, like a "Create Marketo Program" button. This custom functionality doesn't necessarily have to run inside SFDC. One option is to develop an independent program that is called from SFDC through a callout (SFDC's version of a Webhook). 

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Re: Can I create Marketo program from SFDC

What's the use case? If you have robust program templates in Marketo, creating a new program should be pretty quick.

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