B2B Webinar Performance

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B2B Webinar Performance

Hi everyone!

Is anyone able to share their company's B2B webinars perform? What metrics/conversions are you looking at?

-Email Click-to Registration Page conversoin

-Registration Page visit-to-Registration (form conversion)

-Total Registrants / No Shows / Attendees?

-Acquired by (Net-New leads)

I'm curious how other B2B companies measure their webinar performance. Let me know if you can weigh in!



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Re: B2B Webinar Performance

We look at the metrics you mention above. We also measure what the goal is for them to do after the webinar.

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Re: B2B Webinar Performance

This varies widely by industry and list. There are prob some basic benchmarks online if you search.

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Re: B2B Webinar Performance

ON24 has great benchmarks. They do a webinar and white paper every year on Webinar Benchmarks.

We look at the same baseline metrics that you do. We also look down the funnel to see opportunity influence, etc.

Amy Goldfine
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Re: B2B Webinar Performance

Thank you!

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Re: B2B Webinar Performance

Hi Jamie Hunter​! We measure the same ones you mentioned & also measure invite email performance with timing. We find 2 weeks and a few days before get the most sign ups. We also measure % registered from email vs social vs direct website sign ups. We get about 80% registered through email and for events we get about 30% registered from email.