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Archive folder change in May 2022 release

What’s changing? 

In the May 2022 release of Adobe Marketo Engage, the ability to create new assets in Archive folders will no longer be available from the tree context menus. The menu options for creating new assets will be hidden for all the assets (for example, program, program folder, and child programs) that are under the top-level Archive folder.  


The following context menu options will no longer be available from Archive folders: 

Marketing Activities 

  • New Smart Campaign 
  • New Program 
  • New Campaign Folder 
  • “Import list” for Program assets->static lists 
  • Import Program 

Design Studio 

  • New Landing Page 
  • New Landing Page Template 
  • New Test Group 
  • New Form 
  • New Email 
  • New Email Template 
  • New Snippet 
  • Upload Image or File  
  • Grab Images from Web  
  • Import from Adobe Experience Manager  
  • “New Test” for archived Email assets 
  • Import Template 
  • New Tested Page 


  • New Revenue Cycle Model 

(People) Database 

  • New Smart List  
  • New List  
  • New Account Smart List  
  • Import List  
  • New Segmentation 

The text label "New Folder" renamed to "New Archived Folder" in all Archived folder context menu options: 

  • Marketing Activities 
  • Design Studio 
  • Analytics 
  • Database 


Why is this change being made? 

In multiple places, Archive folders display options for creating assets in the tree context menu even though assets cannot and should not be created in the Archive folder, so they are being removed as part of our ongoing effort to improve usability. Additional context menu options that result in asset creation within Archive folders (for example, Upload Image or File, Import Program, Import List) are being removed to achieve consistency across the application.  


What customer action is required? 

No customer action is required. 


How does this impact customers?  

Customers will no longer be able to select options in the tree context menus within an Archive folder related to creating new assets. 

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Re: Archive folder change in May 2022 release

Good to know. Thanks for sharing the information

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Re: Archive folder change in May 2022 release

Thanks, @ttseng !

This is a good update- we’ve had scenarios in the past where users (especially those new to the Marketo) ended up creating assets in the archive folder (not everyone understands what an archive folder is and that they shouldn’t be creating any net new assets within it). This update will certainly help limiting those mis-happenings going forward.


It’s also good that this update is rolled out across all the tabs in the Marketo and not only in the Marketing Activities and the Design Studio which are IMO probably most prone to people creating assets in the Archive folders.


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Re: Archive folder change in May 2022 release

@ttseng - Much needed update. Thank you.

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Re: Archive folder change in May 2022 release

@ttseng Thanks for sharing the update, very informative...