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Activate smart campaign

I'm working on a nurture campaign that was cloned from a campaign that someone else had completed.  How do I activate or turn on the campaign so that the light bulb has the green checkmark?  


The previous campaign that was run looks like this:

active campaign.PNG


I thought perhaps I was missing a trigger in the smart list, but the previous campaign didn't include a trigger.


The program status has been set to on, but I feel like I'm still missing a step.  Thanks!

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Re: Activate smart campaign

Have you clicked the Activate button? 🙂

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Re: Activate smart campaign

Is there a reason why an activate button would not appear? I am trying to schedule a campaign to run, but cannot find the activate button!

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Re: Activate smart campaign

Katja said it already:


Only trigger campaigns can be "activated". Batch campaigns need to be "run", either once or recurring.

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Re: Activate smart campaign

Looks like the previous smart campaigns have run once as a batch campaign, not a trigger.

A few simple tips to tell the difference:

- A trigger campaign that has been activated will show as a glowing yellow light bulb and will turn from grey to glow by clicking the Activate button in the Schedule tab.

- A batch campaign will run once or based on a set schedule and has no triggers in the smart list. This is the one that shows up with the green checkbox as you showed. If a recurring schedule has been set you will also see a clock face instead of the light bulb. You activate this kind of smart campaign also in the Schedule tab, but there is no Activate button. Instead, in the menu bar, you see the options to Run Once or Schedule Recurrence.


So the smart campaigns you have shown are batch campaigns that have run once and do not have a recurring schedule.