The A-Z of Bizible Attribution Models: Q&A Follow Up

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

As a follow up from the May 2021 webinar The A-Z of Bizible Attribution Models, below are answers to questions that we couldn't get to during the Q&A section are located here. If you have further questions, feel free to post them in the comments section. You can watch the recording and other resources discussed in the webinar here.



Question Answer
Is there a help article or a webinar on how to best use 'Discover' from the Bizible dashboard? You can review the Bizible Discover documentation here: 
When drafting an attribution model for the first time, who are your key stakeholders? Really up to your company! It depends on who is using the data and what your use case was for purchasing Bizible. In general, I see Marketing & Sales collaborating on these decisions.
Can you explain more about optimizing time to convert using trends in Anonymous FT? You can look at trends like what the channels, subchannels, campaigns, etc. in order to do more external investigation on how you can accelerate.
What is the Bizible touchpoint and how can I extract the touchpoint to determine its effectiveness? Check out this taxonomy document below. The Bizible Touchpoint (BT) and Bizible Attribution Touchpoint (BAT) are custom Bizible objects that represent the interaction that occurred. 
Is opportunity creation essentially the last touch before conversion? How do you get data on the last touch before opportunity creation (OC)?  Yes, the last touch before the Opp is opened in the CRM. I'd filter your CRM report to Touchpoint Position contains OC.
How should we handle MQL recycling with the model. [Separate email] There are many variables to consider here so it's difficult to provide a good answer. In general, we recommend not including recycled stages though.
Can you group activities to represent a certain touchpoint? For instance, sales emails and calls into the same touchpoint category? Depends on what you mean by Touchpoint Category! You could assign them to the same Channel for sure in your Channel Mapping. If you wanted a different type of grouping, you could try a bucket report in SFDC. 
What are all of the prebuilt reports that bizible offers? Check out this Cheat Sheet: 
Is there a dictionary of Touchpoint Positions? I've only seen a description of FT, LC, OC, Closed. But I have seen others like PostOC or Pending. You can find more information in these docs: and 
How do offline touchpoints get tracked within the attribution types (e.g. tradeshows, webinars, etc)? All touchpoints are treated equally in their ability to receive attribution credit. So when you're setting up your CRM Campaign Sync rules, for example, you'd probably want to make the rule specific to people who attended your tradeshow or webinar and not just people who were invited but didn't engage. You can find more information on tracking online and offline channels in this webinar: 
Is it possible to tie a custom model TP to an Outreach activity, like 'meeting set'? If you have a field for this in the CRM, you could pull this into the Custom Model as a stage. There is a bit of nuance though so I recommend checking out the documentation! 
Is it possible for Touchpoint Attribution Amounts to exceed the total (associated) Opportunity amount? Or is this more of a "Support" question? The value of a given Attribution Touchpoint for a particular opp should not exceed the total value of that particular opp. This makes me wonder which opportunity amount fields are being leveraged/compared. I would check our documentation on using a custom amount and contact support for further help! 
For the contact to be associated with the opp is this dependent on a related contact role at the opp? Depends on your attribution mapping methodology choice! Check out this article: