Adobe Marketo Engage May '21 Release is Live!

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

The May 2021 Release for Adobe Marketo Engage is live. In this release, we are excited to announce the general availability of Account Smart Lists, and new features for our Next-Generation Experience. This release is full of Customer Love enhancements requested directly by our customers through our Marketing Nation community or direct conversations.


Released in May 2021

The following capabilities, features, and enhancements are released on a quarterly cycle.

Account-Based Experiences

Account Smart Lists* Generally Available

Dynamically identify and qualify accounts with desired account and person attributes to target in cross-channel marketing campaigns and send timely alerts to Sales to close deals faster. This new capability allows for robust automation of account-based marketing strategies. Account Smart Lists are available for customers with the Target Account Management value add-on that are on the next-generation user experience.


Next-Generation User Experience

The drag-and-drop functionality within the tree in the next-generation user experience has been re-instated, allowing you to move folders and assets quickly and efficiently within the main app areas. The newly updated icons that meet Adobe’s accessibility standards and status badges allow marketers to distinguish between folders and assets quickly and easily in the tree and identify the status of programs and assets.


Experience Automation

Execute Campaign Flow Step

Streamline campaign creation workflows and improve campaign performance with a new flow step for Smart Campaigns. Create and save centralized, template campaigns for repetitive tasks in your workspace, such as country code normalization, to be called and run from any Smart Campaign via the new “Execute Campaign” flow step. Linked campaigns will run in the designated order and ensure task completion before advancing to the next flow step. Quickly edit the flow in just one centralized campaign to update every Smart Campaign that's using it to streamline data management, lead scoring and routing workflows.


Cross-Channel Orchestration

Sensitive Data Fields in Forms

Protect customer’s personally identifiable information (PII) from showing in Marketo Engage forms by defining data fields as sensitive and restricting form prefill for those fields. Whenever a visitor views a form on the landing page, the fields defined as sensitive will not show any prefilled data.


Block Spam Form Submissions

Protect your Marketo Engage database from junk data that can cause invalid alerts to sales, trigger campaign backlogs, and create unwanted activities. The new validation mechanism rejects invalid form submissions and stops bot attacks. Your data is cleaner, and your marketing campaigns run as intended, minimizing the risk of sending unqualified leads to sales.


Email Program Approval Warning

Prevent sending erroneous emails when new edits are made to a previously approved program. The warning acts as a guardrail when a practitioner applies changes to an email that is already approved, but then forgets to approve the latest changes, and sends the email out to a large audience with no content, bad content, or old content.


Filter-out Email Bots Activity

Prevent unintended sales alerts and inaccurate email reporting through the new email bot activity filtering capability. Identify and filter out opens and clicks that can be associated with email bots inspecting links leading to false triggers and sales alerts, or incorrect reporting.


API Enhancements

Several critical updates to Bulk and Lead APIs, including the ability to export custom object data in bulk, associate company with lead in bulk, filter bulk activity extract based on a primary attribute, the ability to create and update program membership, and much more!


Nest Event Programs

In Marketo Engage you can create, clone, or move event programs under other program types. This functionality is now permitted in assets API.

Enhanced Delete Program

Allows integrated applications to delete programs containing additional types of assets, without requiring users to do so manually from Marketo Engage.

Program Membership

Marketers can query all program member records for a select program given different criteria, such as program member status. Share this information with an external application, business intelligence tool, or Adobe Experience Cloud to and improve segmentation and create more targeted engagement.

Bulk Custom Object Extract

Bulk data export complements the import capabilities that data analysts are already enjoying in Marketo Engage. Now they can extract data stored in the 1st level Marketo Engage Custom Objects in bulk, load this data into another application, data warehouse, or BI (Business Intelligence) tool to gain better insights into the data in the Marketo Engage instance. Custom object bulk data movement is bi-directional and can be scheduled at a convenient time.

Custom Fields Metadata

Save time by automating the creation of custom fields while setting up your Marketo Engage integrations with a 3rd party application. This automation especially benefits customers with multiple Marketo Engage instances who are now able to streamline custom field creation that used to require manual work in each instance. Streamline custom fields creation and save time on this resource-consuming activity.

Bulk Activity Extract

Gain control over the amount and type of data when performing bulk extractions. Filter out unnecessary data points and control the number of API calls necessary to extract activity data in bulk. For example, select open emails, visit a webpage, or change in lead score and leave behind other changes in value you don’t want to analyze. Streamline the process to decrease the number of API calls and data cleanup.


Identify leads in Marketo Engage that have Adobe ECID (Experience Cloud ID) associated with them. Marketo Engage customers can create a list of leads from a select campaign and use the ECIDs (Experience Cloud ID) to create reporting in Adobe Analytics for that specific list. Integration between Marketo Engage and Adobe Experience Cloud opens up unlimited opportunities for segmentation, targeting, and reporting.

Bulk Lead Import

Control bulk leads import and resources it takes. This enhancement creates an association between lead and company during the bulk lead import process. Increase efficiency and of working with data and decrease the usage of API calls.

Web API based Integration for the Microsoft Dynamics Online Customers Generally Available

MS Dynamics Web API was introduced with version 8.0 REST protocol and implements OData (Open Data Protocol) v4. OData is an OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) standard for building and consuming RESTful services over rich data. Marketo Engage customers that require integration with Microsoft Dynamics using this method are currently being migrated to Web API-based connection from SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol).


Marketing Data Environment

XLSX Export

We upgraded export capabilities throughout the product to support XLSX in place of XLS. This means that anywhere in the product where XLS export is currently supported, this option will be replaced with an option to export to XLSX instead. This change will affect the file names for all Excel exports of reports and other data from Marketo Engage.


Search by Lead ID

Quickly access a lead record when searching by Marketo Engage lead ID within the lead database or static list. In the Quick Find window simply type [id] with the corresponding number, then the lead information will be displayed. Users can quickly review lead, company, or opportunity details.



Integration with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms (Beta)

Gain deep visibility into your LinkedIn channel spend and ROI with Bizible premium attribution solution. Through the latest integration with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, Bizible gains insight into forms that have been submitted within ads served by the LinkedIn platform, Campaign Manager. These form fills are matched against leads from your CRM or Marketo Engage instance so that they’re eligible for attribution and can be tracked against your other marketing engagements.


Bizible help docs have moved to the Adobe Experience League! While will always redirect you to the new URL, please bookmark the new homepage:



We’re happy to announce that the Marketo Engage Product Docs has joined the Adobe Experience League on Friday, May 7. You’ll still be able to use the URL:, and if you have any existing articles bookmarked, you’ll be redirected. All current product docs are available on the new platform, with some exciting enhancements planned for later this year. The Adobe Experience League is a robust platform that hosts many of the Adobe DX applications’ help documents. On the platform, access a vast library of learning content and courses, get personalized recommendations, and connect with a vibrant community of fellow learners.


There is still time to register for the quarterly release webinar on May 13, 2021, at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET to take a deeper dive into these innovations.