On Demand Webinar: On or Off[line] Channels: Track your marketing ROI regardless of channel using Bizible

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee


Watch Bizible experts and Marketo Champions, Kimberly Galitz and Ajay Sarpal, walk you through best practices for online and offline channels and reporting.


It’s no secret that as marketers, we are busy, and we are marketing in more clever ways than ever. Whether it’s a postcard mailer, a tradeshow or baseball game, an online ad or organic search, leads interact with us in a variety of ways. Don’t lose track of all the meaningful interactions you’ve had with your leads—learn how to track each and every touch, and the ROI for all your hard work!


From this session you’ll take away:

  • The benefit of being able to track both online and offline channels
  • How to and best practices for tracking both online and offline channels
  • What online and offline channel reporting looks like


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