Migrating Marketo Measure to a New Salesforce Instance

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

If you are using Marketo Measure and migrating to a new instance of Salesforce this article will outline the overall steps to follow. Migrating Marketo Measure data from one production Salesforce instance to another can be done if the data is migrated/mapped exactly as it was in the original org to the new org.  


A person with SFDC admin privileges will need to complete the SFDC steps. A person with Marketo Measure admin access will need to change CRM connection in Marketo Measure.  


Step 1 

  • First, a SFDC admin will need to move the SFDC data in the original SFDC org to the new instance.
  • This will involve migrating Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Campaigns, Campaign Members, Campaign Types and any fields used for Segments, Activities, and Custom Modeling. 


Below is a guide to help: 



Completion Status 


Migrate Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities 



      *Make sure to migrate Lead Status values exactly 



      *Make sure to migrate fields used in Segmentations 


Don’t change field values 

      *Make sure to keep the same Opp stages 



Migrate historical Activities (Tasks/Events) like calls if you still want touchpoints for these efforts 



Migrate Campaigns with identical Campaign Type Structure (Fields and Field Values) if you still want touchpoints for these efforts 



Migrate Campaign Members with identical statuses and dates if you still want touchpoints for these efforts 



Migrate custom reports you've previously built and want to keep 



* VERY IMPORTANT that you maintain Record Create Dates in the migration (Lead Create Date, Opp Create Date, etc).  


Step 2 

  • Next, the Marketo Measure packages should be installed from AppExchange into the new Salesforce instance.
  • It is important to note that Marketo Measure Custom Object Records should not be manually migrated--this will become available through a reprocess, which kicks off upon adding the new CRM connection.  

 Packages -

  • Marketo Measure Base Package - Using an incognito browser, go to the Salesforce AppExchange and log in. Install for all users. 
    • After you’ve completed the installation, you can update your Salesforce page layouts with the Marketo Measure fields if desired. 
  • Marketo Measure Dashboard Package - Install the package from the Salesforce AppExchange. Install for all users. 


Note: Read about the Marketo Measure Permissions sets created and how they will be used. 

Link to https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/Marketo Measure/using/configuration-and-setup/Marketo Measur... 


Step 3 

  • Copy the Profile you were using for the Marketo Measure SFDC user to the new instance. Remember to exclude this Profile from all SFDC triggers, workflows, and processes. 
  • Also, recreate the dedicated Marketo Measure SFDC user in the new instance. Assign the Marketo Measure Profile to that User. Remember to enable “Marketing User” as a user level permission 
  • Replicate report sharing if necessary.  


Step 4 

  • Any Custom Amount workflows, triggers, process builders, or workflows that were set up in the original SFDC org for Marketo Measure will also need to be re-set up. 


Step 5 

IMPORTANT: Perform this step in an incognito browser to prevent accidentally connecting to a non-intended SFDC org.  


It’s now time to update the connected user in Marketo Measure to the new SFDC instance.  

  • To do this, a person with Marketo Measure admin access will navigate to the Connections section of Marketo Measure (My Account→ Settings→ Connections).  
  • You should see the connected user of the former SFDC org listed under the CRM part of the page, click the trash can icon to delete the current connection.  
    • It may take up to 3 days for the deletion to be completed.  
  • Once completed, click on the “Set up new CRM Connection” button. You will be prompted for SFDC login credentials for the new user.  
    • Ensure that you select Production and enter the correct login details.  
  • Marketo Measure will process your data after this to push touchpoints to the new SFDC instance.  
  • Please make sure this user has the necessary permissions to ensure uninterrupted data flow. 


Step 6 

  • If you’re using the “Enable Marketo Measure/Bizible Touchpoints” field on the Campaign Object to sync SFDC Campaigns to Marketo Measure, check out this article about using newer Custom Campaign Sync functionality. 



  • During the migration to a new SFDC instance, historical JavaScript data should not be lost. It will be pushed to the respective Leads/Contacts as long as they are present in the new SFDC instance