Marketo Measure (Bizible) Attribution Models

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Check out this post for details on Marketo Measure (fka Bizible) Attribution Model attribution weighting, details, use cases and example questions to ask.


Note that this post is specific to the stock attribution models, the custom attribution model will be a future post!

First Touch Model 



Example questions to ask with the FT Model: 

  • How are people interacting with my brand for the very first time?
  • What Channels and Campaigns are responsible for first exposure to my brand?
  • What trends are there for our Anonymous First Touches?
    • What are the top landing pages? 
    • What are the top referral sites? 
  • What content is most popular at the very top of the funnel?
  • How are my brand awareness Campaigns performing?


Lead Creation Model




Example questions to ask with the LC Model: 

  • What messaging is most effective at driving conversions? 
  • How are people becoming known?
  • Which Channels? Subchannels? Campaigns?
  • What content is best at influencing Leads into creation?
  • Which forms are getting people to share their contact information?


U-Shaped Model



Example questions to ask with the U-Shaped Model: 

  • Any of the questions relevant to the FT & LC Models but if you want a more aggregate measure, for example: 
    • Which channels are most effective at the top of the funnel from a balanced perspective? 


W-Shaped Model



Example questions to ask with the W-Shaped Model: 

  • What is the last touch before Opportunity Creation?
  • What channels are driving the most Pipeline Revenue?
  • What percentage of Pipeline has Marketing touched?
  • How is Marketing influencing pipeline generation?
    • Number of Opps
    • Open Dollars?


Full Path Model



Example questions to ask with the Full Path Model: 

  • What is contributing to the bottom line?
  • What channels, campaigns, content helped drive Opportunities to Close?
  • Anything related to revenue!


Complete View of each Model's Scope



If you want more, feel free to give this webinar recording a listen! 


Last Updated 4/5/2024

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