How Marketo Measure (Bizible) Understands Revenue from Salesforce

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Marketo Measure already has documentation on revenue amounts but I find that a lot of people are still a bit confused as to what exactly is going on. This post seeks to break it down and help you understand if there's any action needed to make sure Marketo Measure is pulling from your preferred revenue field. 


Out of the box, Marketo Measure will reference the Standard Amount field on the Opportunity Object in SFDC to perform its revenue calculations. If your organization uses the Standard Amount field in a way that makes sense for your attribution reporting, you're good to go! No further action is needed. 


On the other hand, maybe your organization would prefer that Marketo Measure read from a custom field -- maybe something like TCV or ARR. You CAN do this, we just need to configure it in two places -- Salesforce and the Marketo Measure account.  If this is your situation, make sure you're following best practices for determining your custom amount field


In the Marketo Measure Account - 

What do I do? --> Input API Name into Marketo Measure

  • You'll need the API name of the custom field you want to use
    • Copy it directly from Salesforce. If there are mismatches in spelling, underscores, capitalization, etc. it won't work
  • Paste the API name into your Marketo Measure account (My Account -> Settings -> Opportunities -> Custom Opportunity Amount Field). Hit Save.
  • Here is an example: 


  • Doing this tells Marketo Measure which revenue field to reference for it's revenue-related calculations in the Discover Dashboard. 
  • This is important for Discover purposes of course, but it does nothing for your revenue reporting in Salesforce. Keep reading! 


In your Salesforce Account - 

What do I do? --> Create a workflow in SFDC


  • This workflow tells Marketo Measure which revenue field to reference when it is populating its Revenue fields. These Marketo Measure revenue fields are calculations based on the revenue amount and the attribution model. Below are the fields the workflow will affect: 
    • Revenue - First Touch
    • Revenue - Lead Creation
    • Revenue - U-Shaped
    • Revenue - W-Shaped
    • Revenue - Full Path
    • Revenue - Custom Model
  • To be clear, unless this workflow is set up, these revenue fields will pull from the Standard Amount Field on the Opportunity.

In conclusion, make sure you make the changes in both Marketo Measure and your Salesforce instance if you want Marketo Measure to use a custom amount field its understanding of your revenue! Both are needed as they serve related but different purposes. If you don't do both, you risk Discover reporting and SFDC reporting being out of alignment. 


Are you using Dynamics as your CRM? If so, the process is different. Check out this resource: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/marketo-measure/using/marketo-measure-and-dynamics/getting-s... 

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