Web Page Activity Reports - Bring Back Anonymous Web Activity Filters

Web Page Activity Reports - Bring Back Anonymous Web Activity Filters

Recently, the functionality to query anonymous records using web page filters via the Web Page Activity report has been removed as a result of the munchkin v2 upgrade.  I originally  thought that the Web Page Activity report was going to be the one place that you could continue to query anonymous records, as opposed to querying them in the database UI via smart lists.

The confusing piece to me is why even bother giving the option to see anonymous web activity via the activity source in report setup if we cannot query that data with web activity filters?

A major use case for us at BetterCloud was sending a daily email report of domains hitting our pricing/install page to Sales.  Sales could then choose which ones to reach out to if it was determined they were a good fit or on a target list.


The above screenshot displays all the filters available to you for anonymous records.  Just the inferred fields are available.

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Hi Mike. I'd like to talk to you about this. Will you please email me directly so we can set up some time? cfuentealba@marketo.com

I'll see if I can find your email as I don't like the Jive email tool - it always gets lost!


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