SFDC/MSD: Enable to sync account opportunities (at least as a custom object)

SFDC/MSD: Enable to sync account opportunities (at least as a custom object)

When synchronizing with a CRM, Marketo only syncs opportunties that are linked at contact level in the CRM. Typically, in SFDC, this is done using the opportunity contact role table.

And yet, some companies just do not use opportunity contact roles. They only attach oppies to accounts and that's it. In this case, many things in Marketo are not possible:

  • MT/FT attribution reporting in Program analyzer not in Revenue Explorer
  • Using opportunity related filters / triggers

This idea is that account opportunities should be sync'ed in standard, with all related "account Opportuntiy" filters and triggers, exactly similar to contact opportunities.

Weirdly enough, we can add CRM custom objects for many CRM objects that are in fact CRM Standard objects, but we cannot add Account Opportunities as a sync'ed custom objet in Marketo.

So, If is is not possible to have account oppies mapped in standard, at least, it should be possible to map them as a custom object. That would not fix the attribution, but it would at least enables triggers and filters.


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This is a great idea! Our sales reps rarely link contacts to opportunities, so this has been a real challenge for us.

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I'd have to think this is the norm for large, global enterprises - where proper adoption/use of CRM by the sales teams is challenging.  We face the same challenges.

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If this was to be implemented, it would be important to have some advanced filters on which opportunities to take into account for revenue and ROI reporting. Typically, for instance, we should be able to keep only new business or certain product lines, ...



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Why is this still marked as new, it was created a year and a half ago, and would be significant for many use cases for many organizations.

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We've been Salesforce.com users since 2005. We're a global B2B company. We don't associate contacts to opportunities. Had I known of this limitation, I would have blocked our adoption of Marketo in June 2018.

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