User-friendly subscription status


User-friendly subscription status

Can we get a user friendly unsubscribed field that will allow us to display the subscription status in a way a user can understand? Displaying this preference field {{lead.Unsubscribed:default=N/A}} 0 for false and 1 for true, which means nothing to a user. We should be able to show them Subscribed or Unsubscribed rather than a meaningless number.

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This is a boolean field (0/1; TRUE/FALSE).  What is your use-case for communicating an actual "unsubscribed"/"subscribed" value?  For example, when you run a smart list and include the "unsubscribe" field, the value will be TRUE or FALSE.  That's worked well for us.

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... and if the friendly name you want is literally "unsubscribed" or "subscribed" you can do that via e-mail scripting (or, in an LP, via JS or even just CSS pseudo-elements).  It would be a major technical effort for Marketo to create friendly names from every boolean value and I don't see the payoff.

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I think we already have a partial solution for this, but reach out to me directly at so that I can validate that I am understanding what you are trying to accomplish.


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