Forms 2.0 Templates

Forms 2.0 Templates

It's time we had Templates for forms the way we do for Emails and Landing Pages. When formatting or data updates are made at a universal level it's a painful process to roll out across the system. We recently had a backend data change that requires conditional form fields for 5 countries. It's a long process to update one form with this type of information, let alone 40. Plus, with templates, users won't have to clone a previous form, they will be using the most recent form version for a particular campaign.

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Couldn't agree more - this is long overdue.  The current approach does not scale well with a global organization with 20+ workspaces.

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I like it! +1

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Just want to surface this idea again. Going through the painful process of updating all my forms now. There has to be a way to improve this from within Marketo!

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Bringing this idea back to the surface and voting it up — it's crazy to me that this has not been implemented yet.

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