Updating report settings within program folders

Updating report settings within program folders

Any reports that are set up within a program of course are meant to report on that program specifically. When cloning a program, reports that are set up directly under the program itself are updated automatically. However, when you apply some housekeeping on more complex programs and put reports into a subfolder, the updating of this reference to the cloned program no longer happens. It would save a lot of manual work if this would also be updated automatically.

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Same idea here: https://nation.marketo.com/t5/ideas/report-folder-filter-and-that-s-bad/idi-p/325615


Hope yours is better worded, Katja. 🙂

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It's actually not entirely the same @Michael_Florin . I always select the program level as a filter, but when the report is in a subfolder it still does not update for a cloned program.