Smart List Subscription levels

Smart List Subscription levels

With the release of Smart List Subscriptions, a long running idea from this community, we have some security concerns when enabling our users to export up to 100.000 records per Smart List.

We can see the added value of being able to export Smart Lists, but we also have data security and privacy concerns with this feature. We'd like to see detailed user or role specific permissions that we can setup from the Admin section.

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In fact this was already risky with the capability to export smart lists manually, butnow, with the possibility to juts forward an email, this becomes even worse...

One interesting capability would be possibility to cap the size of the list/smart list someone would be able to export / schedule.

It would also be interesting to add the possibility to log who has been doing an export.

Another idea would be not to attach the file to the email, but store it in a safe place, such as the company servers or dropbox/box account or whatever system we may use and on which we would have some kind of access control.


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Greg, 3 great ideas.

Encryption of the file would also be something worth considering.

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Thanks for the ideas !

There is a user permission under Lead Database 'Export Leads' that allow users to allow or disallow creation of subscriptions on smart list.

Another added security to ask recipients to login to Marketo before downloading the report which can also be used to

I agree with that only designated recipients should be able to download the report. In this case users with the forwarded emails will not be able to download the report.


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Hi Mahesh,

Disabling the 'Export Leads' functionality will also block the downloading of leads from Static and non-subscribed Smart Lists, correct? I can see a case where we'd want to keep this and still disallow the automatic sending of Smart Lists.

On your 2nd point; How do we activate the feature where you have to login before downloading a report?



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Hi Stijn,

You are right by disabling the  'Export Leads' also disables the regular export list functionality. The thinking was that all the export leads from a smart list should be controlled by the same permission but I see your point on the automatic sending. I will add it to the product backlog.

For 2nd point, go to Admin -> Login Settings -> look for Smart List Report settings -> Set this to YES


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very useful - but i have found that the link within a smart list subscription email to download the report expires after 4 days of the email being sent?

Is there a way to extend this?

- Its quite limiting for example if recipient is travelling / on holiday?

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