Apply Multiple Segmentations to a Content Block

Apply Multiple Segmentations to a Content Block

Currently on one segmentation can be applied at a time to one content block, it would be great if we could overlay these on one block; so that I can build up complex dynamic content.

For example, as a retailer I'd want to build up these dynamic content rulesets for an email or landing page, so that I can change content based on:

1. Gender

2. Last purchase date

3. Last purchase type

4. Country

So that in one email, Jane, who libes in the UK and last brought a pair of shoes a 3 months ago, gets female fashion recommendations and a big discount offer in GBP, whilst Marcus who lives in Germany and recently purchased a TV, get home entertainment recommendations and different discount in Euro.

This could be done by creating one segmentation that follows all the above rules, but applying multiple segmentations gives more flexibility and allows only core segmentations to be built.

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