RTP - Campaigns UI

RTP - Campaigns UI

A couple of notes about the RTP Campaigns UI:

1. I have a lot of RTP ad campaigns running, and it is really difficult to find a campaign in the current UI , particularly if I forget to tag it. The search helps, but it can be overwhelming to see all of these campaigns with no folder structure to easily separate it out. Perhaps a similar setup to the Marketo side?

2. Is there a way we can change the default  view for latest, top performing, or priority? I personally would rather see top performing as the default rather than latest, so I can at a quick glance see what's placement is doing the best?

3.It would be wonderful if we can separate live campaigns and paused campaigns in different areas. If I have a campaign that is from a previous quarter and will not be going live again, it would be really nice to not have it mixed in with my live campaigns. Maybe have all live campaigns in one folder and all paused campaigns in another. I don't want to lose the lead information of who interacted with the paused ad, but it would be less overwhelming if I can separate it out.

4. Last item, with the folder idea, if I have a folder set up for "Education", and have multiple RTP campaign in that one segment, it would be nice to pull the leads from all of the campaigns in that segment rather than each individual campaign? Because that takes forever!


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The Campaigns view will give you the option to sort the list by Latest, Top Performing and Priority. Also, all Launched campaigns automatically go to the top of the list, and Paused campaigns are listed underneath of those.

RTP Campaign navigation.PNG

I like the idea of being able to see where different segments are used. In Marketo, different assets are given a "Used By" view that shows you all the places where it's in use. That would be a great addition. May want to break that out into its own separate idea

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Hi Mike!

Thanks for commenting, as you can see in the screen shot below, I have a lot of campaigns. So trying to find where the live ones end and the paused ones begin is frustrating, particularly if I load several at a time. We don't always launch the campaign right away either, as I set up the segments our web designer will input the graphics. It would be really nice if they were in separate folders so we didn't have to scroll through multiple pages to find where the break is.

And, if I'm coming in here to do analysis, I would rather the default be top performing so I can focus on the campaigns not doing as well rather than the latest. It would be nice if there was a setting that would pull top performing as the default rather than the latest.

Your thoughts?


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Yeah, I definitely like the different folder idea! That would be very helpful if you have a lot of campaigns running!

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Hey Mike,

Had another idea! When I'm setting up campaigns and trying to figure out the priority, it would be very nice to see what campaigns this one is competing against and their priority score. With so many campaigns, it can sometimes be hard to keep track.


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Hi Rachel,

Thanks of the feedback, ideas and comments on the Campaign page.

We always looking for ways to make it an easier experience for users to manage and work in this page and these ideas are great.

We will keep improving the experience especially on the campaign page going into 2016,



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