Smart Campaign - flow step choice: If "system date is"

Smart Campaign - flow step choice: If "system date is"

I've been in a few situations where a flow step is dependent on a specific system date (ex. 6/2/16) and not necessarily a date field (ex. conversion date).

For example, a certain send email flow step should only take place if the current system date is after a program has already started (6/1/2016) so that new people entering the program will receive the first email right away since they missed it on 6/1/2016. It would be ideal to have a choice condition of: If "system date is after 6/1/16" then send email and default to do nothing. I understand I could bring in "Not was sent email" and then send it for this particular case, but there are many more capabilities if we have a conditional choice of the date.

Another case this would be tremendously beneficial is assigning leads to our business development team based on certain dates. For example, let's say one of our reps (ex. John) is out of the office from 6/14/2016 to 6/15/2016, we can have the change owner flow step have a choice condition of: If "system date is between 6/14/2016 and 6/15/2016" then owner name is (ex. Jane). So the default choice could be to assign to John except for the date defined.

The capabilities are endless.

Please let me know what you guys think.

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There is an easy workaround to this:

create a field, call it "Last System Date".

Before your flow step, add a change data value flow step, attribute is "Last System Date", new value is {{}}.

Then, in your send email flow step, test the "Last System Date" field.


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Good idea Greg. But this will only work for cases where you need today's date. In my second example, I would want to account for two dates in the future. Then I can select those two dates and let the campaign ride.

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Hi Devraj,

Anyhow, what matters is the moment at which you are testing, meaning the instant at which the flow step is ran, which is always now

The second case, with my method, would just be is "last system date" between 6/14 and 6/15 then... If it happens between these 2 days, it will work.

Now, what you may want to is to compare the system date with another token. In this case, what you need is Jeff's and Dan's ideas here:


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