Warn us when text-only hasn't been updated

Warn us when text-only hasn't been updated

When I create or change an email, prior to leaving the page it'd be nice to have a reminder telling me to remember to update the Text Only for all portions of an email.

Prior to sending the email, it'd be nice if Marketo showed me a screen of side-by-side HTML and Text-Only versions. It'd be nice if it made me click that I accept both versions prior to hitting send.  I have a lot of end-users who don't remember to update the Text-Only.  While this was NBD a few years ago, the Apple Watch is text-only which makes our messages look really bad if not done correctly.

If Marketo wants to go buck-nutty and provide OUTRAGEOUS customer service, they'd warn me about things that won't work with Gmail, Outlook, etc.

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Great idea! Even if you have a process down, it is so easy to forget this step.

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I agree, great idea as it's easy to forget this step.

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1) lol at "bucknutty"

2) there is an add-on package in Marketo that will render your email in different email clients. I think it's part of the Email Deliverability Pack.

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Right, but you only get so many and it's something that's really gate-kept at an admin level because of the various pricing it can incur. It's an in-app purchase and the marketers that are coming out of college today are the kids who ran up $2,000 iTunes bills purchasing Farmville products.

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Hahaha, fair point. I agree, it's not an easy product to access. My last company had it, but we didn't even know about it and ended up purchasing Email on Acid separately. Even after we discovered the built-in product, we kept EoA because we felt like it was a better product.

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Agreed, most of my clients dont even use it, and they end up using Litmus or EOA.

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