Send Sample Email Needs to Be a Seperate Permission


Send Sample Email Needs to Be a Seperate Permission

Currently the send sample email functionality is only available to users with the "approve email" permission. 

Send sample needs to be its own separate permission.


When we onboard new users in Marketo we start them on a restrictive permission set so they can edit emails, but not approve anything. For their first few weeks they need to get their emails and programs reviewed before approving. Part of the review is sending sample emails. Right now they can only send samples if we give them approval ability. 

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Well update on this. The idea can be deleted. 

Turns out send sample email is included in the "edit email" permission, not "approve email" permission (despite Marketo Support telling me it was "approve email". Finally figured out the user was getting an error because they weren't following the instructions. 


But, I still think the documentation for the user permissions needs to be more clear.