"is every" or 'is all' Email Option for Filters


"is every" or 'is all' Email Option for Filters

I've discovered there is no easy way to track the unengagment with an email. I wanted to see if I could make a smart list of everyone who has not interacted (clicked or opened) with an email in the last 6 months. 


So for example, I wanted to pull a list of people who did not open any emails in the last 6 months (which seems simple enough).


I pull the "Not Opened Email" filter in the smart list. But now the closest pull-down option to include all the sends is "is any" but that will give me anyone who did not open even just a single email, even if they opened all others. 


So if we could include a 'is every' or 'is all' option it would make my life A LOT easier.