Segmentation Value as Token

Segmentation Value as Token

It baffles me that we can't use the result of a segmentation update as a token, primarily to sync with other fields like SFDC fields.

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Note that the current segment is available (as a raw value) in Velocity, so there's a precedent for it being surfaced as a standalone value (though not necessarily a static value as would be required to sync to SFDC.)

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This would be so helpful! It's really cumbersome to sync segmentation info to SFDC.    

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Member of Segment >> CDV "Segment Field"=Segment Name

you can easily run batches periodically. Won't be real time, but I suspect you don't always need that real time in SFDC.

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as long as when you create a new segmentation you also update that CDV.... and like you said it's not done regularly, so likelihood of forgetting to update BOTH is high...

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