RTP Campaign Frequency Cap


RTP Campaign Frequency Cap

There is currently no way to adjust how many times a visitor can see one or all RTP campaigns in a given timeframe. As a result, I see the same RTP lightboxes every time I visit our site, which is a poor user experience for people who visit our website frequently.

Can this feature be added to RTP?

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Hey Lucho, it isn't ideal but you can set the segment to only display on a certain visit number (1, 2, 3, etc)


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Hi Lucho,

Yes you can control this under Visits in Segments and number of visits, thanks Dory Viscogliosi​!

Most of your visitors would be on a 1st visit count.

Also a feature we would like to develop, would be to "Show this to visitor only once", so not depending on their visit count, but making sure they only see the campaign once during their repeated visits. So look out for this!

Thanks for the question,


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David, does the current way to manage this (Number of visits Equals 1) mean that visitors in this segment would only see a campaign once in total (regardless of how many website visits they made?), or once per website visit (so if they visited the site five times they would see it once in each of the 5 visits?)?



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Mark Emond​​​ I think (Number of visits equals 1) means they only see the campaign once ever. If that option is not set, then they would see the campaign each time they visit the website and match the RTP segment.

There's definitely a tradeoff here because more frequency can equal more revenue (we've gotten awesome ROI from RTP so far), but too much frequency can be a not great customer experience if users are seeing the same campaigns pop up each time they visit the website.

The User Context API can be used so leads only see a campaign they've viewed/clicked on once every 10 visits. I don't think there is an in-between option at the moment. It would be great to be able to adjust this globally (ie: user can only see x campaigns every x visits) and at the campaign level (ie: show this campaign every x visits).

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Thanks Lucho. Much appreciated!


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Let's revive this one - I'd love to see impression limiting per a specified time period, rather than setting a number of impressions *ever*. I can create a new idea if need be!

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