"Used By" report for Landing Pages

"Used By" report for Landing Pages

Just like Forms and Smart Campaigns and Smart Lists have a "Used By" tab, we need a "Used By" view for Landing Pages.

We need a way to identify all of the smart lists that are referencing a landing page.

This would especially helpful for migration to new Guided LP templates, where we want to replace an existing page.

For example, if we have Demo LP (Free Form) and want to replace all instances of it with Demo LP (Guided), there's no way to see all of the smart lists where Demo LP (Free Form) is being used.

So we're going through and manually looking, which is certainly error-prone.

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This isn't on there already? Odd.

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Surprisingly, no.

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Yes there is no such functionality available for Landing Pages. "Used By" is available for Smart campaigns, Smart lists, Emails but not for Landing Pages. If Marketo can create such option to track LPs in used, that'll be wonderful.

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Do not forget here :

Used by:

  • in "visited web page" filters and "visits web page"
  • in "click link on web page" constraints
  • as follow-up pages in forms AND in landing page forms


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