Notification Prior to Reaching Engagement Limit

Notification Prior to Reaching Engagement Limit

Since there is a limit of 100 Engagement Programs per instance and no more than 15 streams per program ~ Marketo should generate an automatic notification to users prior to us reaching our limit. This notification should be sent with plenty of time to allow for the deletion/shutting off of programs or contacting Marketo to increase Engagement Program limits.

It is very user unfriendly to notify us by freezing our ability to build Engagement Programs on the day we reach the limit. Our experience took 2 days to rectify this problem, which meant 3 days without building for our APAC team and with tight deadlines, this was not a good experience.

Appreciate your efforts to automate this important notification. Thank you

Level 7

Yes! Or if not a notification, then provide a way to access the count, kind of like how we can see MSI licenses being used.

Level 10 - Champion

Maybe if a count was available somewhere in Admin, that would be the best method.

Community Manager
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