Provide error logs for each API user

Provide error logs for each API user

While it's nice to get Web Service error notifications via Marketo, the information is typically not very useful in an instance with multiple API users as the errors are broken down by type and not by source.

It would be great to have error logs provided on a per user/auth basis in the Admin/Web Services interface. We can see per user API request counts, but can't see which users are generating problems.

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You don't find the error report informative? /sarc

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Completely agree, we are struggling to figure out which throat to choke. 

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I concur.  It's impossible to do any type of troubleshooting with the ambiguous errors that we are given.

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Thank you for your Idea. We are also very frustrated with the lack of information in the API error logs. The list of types of errors is not helpful when you don't know which API caused the error. Eight of our API integrations are with Third-Party applications (Uberflip, Event, Vidyard, etc...) We don't control Third Party codebases or error logging.  And, without the information of which API account is causing the error, and Marketo's Support team's increasing negative response to providing that information, the only recourse is to manually look thru any available logs from every vendor or put in tickets with every vendor to find out which API integration is causing the errors. This is too time-consuming and adversely affects our relationships with our other vendors; we need the API account added to the error logs.


Please, Marketo Development team help us!!!!!!