Proper Case, Please

Proper Case, Please

Though I know that I can change the case of a name in Excel before importing into Marketo, it would be nice if Marketo had a function that allowed me to change case when placing data fields for personalization in an e-mail.  If the First Name field
contains BOB or bob, and my email starts with Dear <First Name>, I'd like it to appear as Dear Bob instead of Dear BOB or Dear bob.
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In HTML you can add style = "text-transform:capitalize".
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You might also checkout:  They offer a webhook that does this.  
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Link does not work

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Trivial (on a technical level) to do in Velocity.

Knowing the actual case the person uses is of course impossible. You will always run the risk of offending someone by "fixing" their name, especially those whose last names connote/derive from nobility.

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